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 Hachimitsu no Kissu Plot summary

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    Stability. Peace. Happiness. These are things of today that do not last very long at all. Darkness, a force that is obviously not to be reckoned with, has been consistently growing in the hearts of the people around the world. And darkness, though it has been an eternal thing, is now threatening to bring the entire world to complete destruction. The only thing that can save the world, a true pure heart, is now a wonder of the modern world, a jewel. Now, it is all too rare to come upon. The hope for tomorrow, however, rests upon the shoulders of a group of individuals unlike any other; a group of undiscovered warriors whose fates are outlined by their hearts’ power: the purest hearts of the entire universe.

    Hikarimono, special spirits who take on the form of an ordinary human, are the people who have long since ruled and watched over the lives of every organism possible on Earth. They are the guardians of light, and their job is not only to vanquish darkness from people’s hearts, and protect the peace of the planet, but also to guide the lost and passed on into safer heavens and care for those who do not possess the ability to have a wholly pure heart. Immortal beings, the Hikarimono care for the unusual beings living on Earth who have been completely unaware of the Hikarimonos’ existence. Governing over life and creation, the Hikarimono were like a group of gods and goddesses, each planet of the universe having one representative Hikarimono of their planetary kingdom and civilization, along with other places like the Earth’s moon, and Pluto, and people of their respective kingdom. The Original Hikarimono, the being of the sun, was the head of the group of light beings. Essentially, the sun was the father figure to the other surrounding Hikarimono of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and the Moon.

    Before the Earth was born, the Hikarimono aimlessly ruled over their respective planets and places. There had never been too much hassle to handle—no true conflict to fight. However, when Earth stepped into the picture, and the Hikarimono observed life that did not possess their special, planetary element powers of being a guardian, and also possessed an ample amount of darkness within their hearts, even from birth, things had finally become complicated. The Hikarimono, as natural born leaders, took up the job of looking after the Earthlings, even though the Sun rejected the idea. The Earthlings’ hearts, too full of sins like gluttony, greed, lust, pride and so on, were deemed too hard to purify, help and put under order, even by the power of the Hikarimono. Still, Earth was given a chance.

    But, the Sun Hikarimono was right. The people of Earth had hearts that were too hard to purify by the hands of beings that didn’t even have physical manifestations to fight off the shadows of darkness, however powerful they were. The Hikarimono of the Sun gave the others a second warning to halt their attempts to try and aid such a useless planet, fueled by his personal contempt for moral, tainted people. Still, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and the Moon did not listen. Instead, they went about things in another way, which gave birth of the Celestial Star Alliance and Divine Requiem Knights two groups of elite soldiers who stood for justice, peace and love. The Hikarimono who wanted to protect the Earth, the leaders and representatives of their planets and places, gave themselves physical manifestations modeled after the ordinary humans living on Earth. They appeared normal, but had the ability to transform into super galactic soldiers of sorts able to fend off any incoming evils.

    These galactic soldiers, princes and princesses of their original Hikarimono kingdom, were sent to Earth in their human-like form to put the people of Earth to a test: a test to see whether or not Earth could truly hold the hope for a tomorrow with pure hearts. The Hikarimono leaders were to teach the people of Earth kindness and love, counterattacks to the darkness that was growing. The galactic soldiers consistently fought and fought, and purified heart after heart, battled shadow after shadow, but one day realized something. Their efforts weren’t making any sort of progress. In the beginning, it had helped, but now, it seemed pointless. Left without another choice, the group of soldiers representing all that was pure and good prepared for the destruction of Earth, thinking that was now the only thing left to do. A vote was taken by the Hikarimono of the Sun in an attempt to see who all agreed with getting rid of the impure Planet and who didn't, seemingly no one disagreed—but one had yet to vote.

    One Hikarimono in particular stood firm against this decision, once again fueled by the Sun’s prejudice and the hopelessness of the others. The Moon Hikarimono. She had grown notably close to the people of Earth, and tried her best to convince the others that they had to prevail, and there must have been some other way to find light for these misguided peoples. Unbeknownst to anyone else however, Moon was to bare an Earthling’s child, a human with whom she had fallen deeply in love. Her child, half-Hikarimono, half-human, actually possessed some powers of his own, and for a short period of time, became a protector alongside the others. In one final attempt to heal the Earth from the darkness inside of it's soul, the Hikarimono of the Moon begged her best friend Mars to help her, alongside her cousin Venus and her son of Earth. They gave into her pleads and together they found a dark source of power coming from the equator of the Planet, turning back into their Godly forms the 4 focused on defeating the monster but had no luck, instead the Moon locked the beast deep within her Pure Heart Crystal, hoping that the light within it would keep it at bay—and it did. But in the end, nothing could withstand the might of the anger of the Sun Hikarimono that was unleashed when he finally discovered what was taking place. Outraged, the Sun Hikarimono tried to kill the Moon and the Earth alike, though set off the other Hikarimono who found the decision both shocking and disturbing.

    Thus, the Wars of the Cosmos began. The Sun fought against each Hikarimono kingdom, destroying all the people who lived there, as the leaders struggled to cope with the loss of their subjects, friends and family alike. He sent loyal subjects known as the 12 Zodiac Beasts to each planet to wreck havoc, however only 9 of the 12 were sent. With the 9 Zodiac Beasts, 5 were killed within the war and the four remaining switched their sides and disobeyed the Sun. In a rage, the Hikarimono of the Sun put a curse upon the four remaining beasts, turning them into lowly versions of themselves—and soon that was taken care of and no longer were the beasts a bother to him or could be of any help to the other Hikarimono. Soon, one by one, each Hikarimono leader of each kingdom fell in an attempt to protect the Moon and her Earth child, dying in her wake as the group of soldiers, friends and lovers were torn apart in bitter, blind rage. All except the Hikarimono of Saturn. Saturn was the lone wolf of the group, the black sheep, and was therefore easily manipulated by the Sun. During the span of the war, Saturn had leaked each and every warriors’ weakness and strategy to the Sun, and that had cost them their lives.

    The moon was now alone. With no more friends, and not even her lover, as he had long perished—she tried her best to protect the only thing she had left: her child. Driven by insanity, and darkness, the Sun went in for the final blow as soon as he found her. Though, a speck of light—hope—still existed in the world. Before Moon and her child were taken away in blind fury, Saturn sacrificed himself, and fought against the Sun. Though, like the others, Saturn lost his life in battle, taking the Sun with him. Though the immediate chaos was ended, a new chaos came to replace it. The Sun, the brightest light in the solar system, the largest provider for light in the universe and the most important guide for souls and spirit who remain lost, was now gone. As a result, the universe was thrown into a frenzy. Yet, when all seemed entirely hopeless, one last speck of light, brought forth by the strong feelings of the Hikarimono who fought to save with passion, came to fight against the overwhelming darkness.

    The Sun Hikarimono regained himself at the very last second. As the most powerful kingdom of the universe, he used all his might to grant the Moon one last wish: an unlimited request meant to fix all that had gone wrong. It also stood for his forgiveness and his sincere and mournful apology. The Moon wished for but one thing: a better world. The Moon wished for everything to start over, for everything to be reborn without so much pain, suffering and sadness. She wished for them to be reborn and live a happier life in a better world. However pure the wish, it was only fueled by the Sun on his death bed, and was therefore a little too much to be granted.

    What the Sun did instead was to send the universe back in time, completely. He reincarnated each and every original Hikarimono into humans who would live on Earth, but still possess the power to transform into an alter ego: a form of their original Hikarimono self able to purify hearts. In turn for that, however, the Sun took all the darkness upon himself. The darkness was so strong that it created an alternate twin universe called the Solar System of the Eclipsed Sun, filled with feelings of hatred, avarice and overindulgence, the sins that first drove the world into despair. The Sun only hoped that it would all stay locked away and kept from the innocent on Earth.

    The original sun now rest in abandoned ruins. As a final counter measure against history repeating itself, the Sun split himself into two beings to help decide whether it was true darkness, or true light to rule the universe. The darker side of the sun was sent to rule the Eclipsed Sun Kingdom, a reflection of the original Hikarimono kingdoms, though possessed by malice and evil—Eris, the King of Chaos. The pure side of the Sun, a seedling, a fragment of the original Sun, was kept in a slumber upon Ceres, her dream world to be that of a heaven-like place to Gods who die and keep the secrets of the Galaxy a secret. The Hikarimono children, wandering the universe until it was time for them to be born on Earth. As they wandered they found refuge and solace within the Princess of Ceres' dream world known as the Crystalline Heaven of the Solar System until it was the their time to be reborn with their powers suppressed and fight to return the world to it's former glory as a pure place.

    Modern day Earth marked a new, dark age for the universe. It seems hopeless once again, as darkness rears its ugly head once more. Though this time around, a phenomenon is taking place.

    Ten people all over the world are all dying at the same time. They are strangers, and completely unrelated, save for one common trait: they all possess a completely pure heart, and they are ancestors of the reincarnated Hikarimono. Having these hearts in complete synch, though these hearts are dying, activates the powers of the Hikarimono inside of them to awaken and be passed down to new soldiers of light to-be. These ten dying people are linked in soul, spirit and mind. This link gives them enough power to give birth to one wish for the hope of the universe: hope for the future. The Hikarimono powers react with the hearts of these genuine people, and while these ten die, ten new people are being born in the same families as these ten who are dying. The power passes on to a new generation, whose fate is to meet and become the reincarnate versions of the Hikarimono friends and lovers of the past: a “copy” of the original Hikarimono who had died in hopes to do something right with passion. It’s a world revolution, unbeknownst to them. Although the link goes far and beyond the ten, passing down any magical trickles of power to anyone else in their family of the next generation.

    While the Earth gains new soldiers of light, within the kingdom of the Eclipsed Sun lurks an evil that has finally broken loose and become so strong that it has flooded into this universe, and the planet of Earth itself. Evil is brought forth into the world in the form of Eclipsed Sun’s leader, true darkness, one half of the Sun in contrast to the other half being born along with others who are fated to serve under him, causing his other half to be born into the new world as well. Along with these counter-light soldiers of darkness, comes the darkest evil mankind has ever seen. Most of the darkness of the world has come to form a disease of sorts: a disease called the Star Virus, having the capability to make the darkness in someone’s heart grow and personify their darkness, turning that individual into a literal, living and breathing monster. While the ten soldiers of light are just being brought into the world, the original Hikarimono, and now Moon’s child reincarnate, an Earth Hikarimono, twins who represent the sun, Ceres and Eris, are also being born. These twelve people, forced by destiny to meet one another in no other place than the city of Tokyo, a microcosm of the world as it stands, will come to determine whether it is the universe’s fate to step into the darkness, or to step into the light.
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Hachimitsu no Kissu Plot summary
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